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    Default Baby Kale vs Regular Kale


    I'm starting on the Fast Track Detox Diet and I was wondering if it would be acceptable to use Baby Kale instead of regular Kale?



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    Totally acceptable!!

    Good luck on the Fast Track - and post often!

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    Hi Philadelphia!

    Welcome to to The Forum!

    Are you from Philly? I am!!!

    Actually, I just bought soem baby kale yesterday and will be sauteing it with garlic and lemon tonight!

    How do you make yours?
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    Yes, I'm from Philadelphia. I haven't tried baby Kale yet. I usually just buy a frozen mixture of Kale, Collard Greens and Mustard Greens at Wholefoods, and just boil it with garlic. But I found a simple recipe for Kale and Mushrooms the other day that would fit into the plan, and then I saw fresh baby Kale at wholefoods the other day and just thought those would be a whole lot easier to work with than regular Kale, but I wasn't sure if they were as healthy. But I'm glad it sounds like I can use them. So I'll probably try that recipe for my next cleanse.



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