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    Default Exercise question with The Fat Flush Plans

    Hi there,

    I just finished 2 weeks of the smoothie shake down program and never lost a pound, but I did loose 13 inches which is great but still a little discouraging considering I really need to loose 40 lbs. It was suggested to me that I continue on with Phase 2 of the original FFP which I will start tomorrow. I have had great success with the Original FFP in the past. I read a thread today that mentioned if you exercise too much it can hinder your weight loss and sometimes you also may need more food? I am wondering if maybe I am exercising too much? I do Bikram yoga (hot yoga) 5-7 times a week. It's pretty strenuous, but I love it and it feels great. I also lost a ton of weight before doing the hot yoga with the FFP. Could the hot yoga with the Smoothie Shakedown program have been too much perhaps? I am always hungry. Also, should I be adding anything extra with the FFP while doing the yoga, like extra supplements, water, salt, protein, etc...? I did just start taking the Adrenal Formula which is awesome and is vastly improving my naturally low energy level.

    Any feedback would be helpful,
    Kim C

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    You absolutely must drink lots of extra water and I would add 1/2 tsp of good salt per day when you are sweating that much. In phase 2 you will do better with the extra starcy veggies. You may want to add a smoothie per day.

    It's helpful that you added the Adrenal Formula because this much exercise can exhaust the adrenals, when you are eating less food like this on the plan.

    See how you feel doing phase 2. You may loose faster if you either cut down on the exercise or go to phase 3. I love Bikram yoga too, so I understand you may want to keep doing the same level. I do know that it is easy to deplete your minerals.Taking something like Trace-Lyte would also be helpful.
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