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    We are going on vacation and I am concerned about not having the stuff available for the ll cocktail and the cw and flaxseed oil. I don't want to have a problem with constipation etc while on vacation. Any thoughts suggestions?

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    Hi! In the FFP book in the FAQ section ALG says that you can use over-the-counter pills in place of llc. She also talks about alternatives to CW or how to make your own if the concentrate isn't available.

    If you are staying in a resort, call the concierge or bellhop before you arrive and let them know what you need. Any ★★★ or higher place will happily have it in your room and chilled when you arrive. (Be sure to tip generously for that.)

    Less fancy hotels can still help you. If your room doesn't come equipped with a fridge, you need only request one. They generally have at least a few available for people with babies who need to keep formula or breast milk cold and for people who take medication that must be kept cold. Again, call ahead & also find out if there is a Trader Joe's nearby and then have your taxi cab driver take you there on your way from the airport to your motel.

    You can also ship things to your hotel for yourself so they arrive the same day you do. Just call the front desk to let them know you're expecting something and they'll either hold it for you or deliver it to your room. UPS is your best bet, and you can Pre-pay for the return shipment and schedule them to pick up your stuff the same day you leave. You can probably pack what you need in your suitcase if you're flying. Just put everything in small plastic containers, put the liquids in a freezer bag, seal tightly with shipping tape then put that in another freezer bag. If you're taking a road trip or staying with family or in a vacation condo it should be pretty easy to get what you need while there and keep it in the fridge. It just takes some planning ahead.

    BTW, if you're just starting Ph.1 it might be easier to just wait until you get back from vacation to start. It can be difficult to have fresh veggies available on vacation not to mention all the yummy things you'll probably be exposed to. JMHO. In any case, hope you have a fun & safe vacation!!
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