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    Default For Xine...(and others about to embark on P2)

    For Xine (and anyone else who may be wondering why they didn't lose more inches or pounds on Phase 1):

    Congrats on making it through Phase 1! Since we can't respond personally to journals, I thought I'd share a few thoughts with you here:

    When I first did Phase 1 many many moons ago (2002!!) I didn't lose an ounce or an a single inch! Honest! And I had plenty to lose! But once I got myself settled into comfy-cozy Phase 2, the weight and inches started to come off. Slowly for sure (I'm a turtle loser!), but they did come off! For me, (as fo rmany others) I needed the addition of that Friendly Carb to really get my metabolism moving.

    I also wanted to let you know that the "updated book" is really not much different than the original. if you do a Forum search you will be able to find most of the changes...which are pretty minor. The "newer" book even looks the same and has the same release date as the original as it's not technically a new book. You can recognize the difference as Dr. Ann Louise's name is on the cover in white, instead of red.

    Where you will find some new twists on the program is Fat Flush for Life which takes a seasonal approach to Fat Flushing. We recommend checking it out after you have Classic Fat Flush under your belt.

    Good luck on Phase 2...let us know what Friendly Carb you decide to try first. Many Fat Flushers report better experiences with going for veggie carbs first before trying a tortilla or bread. BTW...there are some very helpful Phase 2 support threads stashed on the Forum...make sure you check them out when you have a chance.
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    Wow...thank you so much for responding to my journal post.

    I added 1/2 cup green peas for my friendly carb. So far so good. I made one of the fat flush soup recipes from one of the magazines (modified to fit my FF Phase 1 plan) and ate it last night and today for lunch in hopes of making a push. I just sprinkled the peas into my soup.

    Do a lot of you use slow cookers? I really need to get my hands on more ff friendly recipes.

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    Slow cookers are wonderful. Check out the "Recipes" on the purple drop down "Forums". There is a thread for slow cooker recipes.
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