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    Question Green Life Cocktail

    Hi! I did the original Fat Flush a few years ago to great results. I recently got the Fat Flush for Life book and am trying to understand the differences. On the Green Life Cocktail -- it says to use 1 tsp. greens powder (either pure Wheat Grass powder or Liver-Lovin' Formula). When I look at the Uni-Key site -- I don't see any Wheat grass powder and the LIver-Lovin Formula is a capsule. So -- I'm confused. Appreciate your help! Thanks!

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    I buy a greens' powder at my local supplement/health food store. I make sure it has no artificial sweeteners in it. Also, with the Liver Loving Formula, you can open the capsule up and empty the contents into your cocktail.

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    Hi Ladies! UNI KEY doesn't have the wheat grass, but the Liver Lovin Formula capsules come apart easily to empty the powder into your green life cocktail, or since the capsule itself is veg. based you can throw the whole thing in the blender and it will dissolve pretty quickly that way too!
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